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Problem Solving Process

Dear Wiseburn Parents,

Welcome to the new school year!  The 2017-2018 academic year is well under way and the Wiseburn Unified School District anticipates another great year.  I join our teachers and staff in a strong commitment to deliver high quality instruction to your children on a daily basis.

It is our belief that students, parents, teachers and staff must all work together to foster student learning and enrichment.  As your child moves from one school to another within the District, we realize that you may not know who to contact with your questions or concerns.  We are here to provide support and help you get answers.

As a general rule, all questions or concerns should first be directed to the individual(s) involved, in an attempt to resolve issues at the lowest level.  For example, if you have a concern about a classroom issue or your student’s academic progress, it should be directed to the teacher first.  If you have a concern about the school, it should be directed to the principal and so forth.

The following chart provides a suggested framework for who to contact first, and subsequently, for any issues or concerns you may have:


1st Contact

2nd Contact

3rd Contact

Elementary School:
If the concern is related to the classroom



Contact the classroom teacher




Contact the principal of the school (if concern is not satisfactorily addressed by the teacher)


Middle School:
If the concern is related to the classroom



Contact the classroom teacher




Contact the student’s counselor (if it’s an academic issue or coordination with multiple teachers is needed)

Contact the principal of the school (if the concern remains unresolved)


If the concern is related to the School


Contact the principal of the school




If you have contacted the appropriate above mentioned individuals at the school site level and still believe your concerns have not been addressed to your satisfaction, please contact the following individuals at the district level.

If the questions/concern is related to:

Human Resources

Ana Montes
Director of Human Resources

0) 725-2101, Ext. 5103

Educational Programs

Dr. Chris Jones
Deputy Superintendent
10) 725-5800

Intra/Inter-district Permits

Alicia Galindo
Enrollment/Outreach Coordinator
(310) 725-2101, Ext. 5102

Special Education

Cathy Waller
Director of Psychological Services
(310) 725-2101, Ext. 5305

District or the Board of Education

Dr. Tom Johnstone
(310) 725-2101, Ext. 5015


Wiseburn Unified School District is committed to providing timely responses to questions and taking prompt, decisive action as needed when concerns are brought forth by any of our stakeholders. 


I encourage all parents and stakeholders to engage with the District and become involved in your child’s educational journey.  There are many opportunities to support and participate in a variety of activities happening throughout the year.   Thanks!


Tom Johnstone, Ed.D